Community Open Thread 24 - May 19, 2023

Hi everyone - it’s friday, looks like we made it! As I’ve been looking at the apps the community’s been sharing over the past week, it occurs to me that a lot of you are wrapping up your college semester or even graduating. High schoolers: you’re so close to the finish line, too. Congrats all around! :mortar_board:

Here are some links:

This week I have a prompt for you all: What is your preferred DNS provider and why? As we’ve been helping the community test out Fastly TLS, we have seen several different ones being used and we would like to know what makes you choose and stick to one? What do you wish were different about the ones you use?

As always, let us know what you’re working on and what’s been catching your interests this week!

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Preferred DNS provider? Screw that, I use a Pi-hole with Unbound (Self-hosted) DNS.

I’ve only used cloudflare dns just because I wanted to see dns changes from my cloudflare site propagate faster. Other than that, outside of that I just use whatever seems reliable enough and occasionally pihole for “untrustworthy” devices.

I think they’re asking about what DNS server the internet asks when they want to resolve your site when someone wants to visit it, not which recursive resolver your computer asks when it wants to resolve a site that you’re visiting.

using hurricane electric. they make everything so easy and few screens+clicks to do things.

cloudflare’s services look nice too, but they’re a bunch of “give us control over your whole domain or we won’t serve you” snobs. and it’s not like they don’t let you set up a subdomain zone or that it won’t work–you can, and it does. for a day. then they message you that your zone isn’t good enough for them.

same answers I guess :slight_smile: since my sites are on cloudflare anyways
one of my friends choose cloudflare because he’s heard of them a lot AND because he just happended to use cloudflare’s not so well known domain registrar.
Some intresting products me and my friend use from cloudflare

  • Cloudflare Pages → automatic static sites that you can configure a build step for. They are really reliable because I’ve run their build machines through my art website which creates optimized images on every build which takes a couple of minutes to do. Overall one killer feature they have is they let you link a private repo owned by an organization which apparently requires a paid plan from netlify.
  • Cloudflare Workers, basically a pretty intentionally limited form serverless, but they’re very good at scaling and they run on the edge (closest server to the user). Examples of things you can do with them: load balance servers, blacklist traffic, and now apparently you can do tcp from them which is funny because a while ago people were complaining about traffic from cloudflare asn and thought it was workers but it was actually abuse of the cf “vpn” warp, wonder if people will actually start ssh scanning from workers.

Wow, it’s already open thread 25! There’s been a lot of attention around Replit for now, it looks like Google’s partnering with them for their AI functionality. What do you think about Replit’s move?


  • For websites I prefer Cloudflare, it looks secure and works well. Very effective against bots!
  • For my wifi’s DNS, I’m using the default one but I’m also exploring adding a pihole.
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