Community Open Thread 29 - July 28, 2023

Happy friday! Turns out I haven’t been dramatic (about the weather at least) – July was the hottest month on record! This week especially has been hot as the NYC area is going through a heat wave that timed itself perfectly with the tail-end of a team on-site that Glitch had earlier this week. It was great to see my teammates in person and we have some really exciting things in the works that we got to share or start planning during our time together!

As I sit in front of my much-appreciated air conditioning, I’m going through some of the sites that have been sharing Glitch apps. A few of the sites I found are newsletters I already really enjoy: web curios mentions ~storehouse-a, a dungeon crawler inspired work of art, and escape the algorithm links to Substack randomizer ~scrubstack.

What are your favorite newsletters? I’d love to check them out, as well as whatever else you’re building or reading or writing! Sound off down below :point_down:

I’ll be out of the office for the next few weeks, but the rest of Team Glitch™ is here to help and see what cool things you’re creating in the heat. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s not necessarily because I melted - but will I?

See you on :alien:


Cool project! I finished the full map, you can see it by clicking below.


AI with Vibes is really interesting, and I love Soren’s newsletter’s ideas.

Sometimes it’s also really hot here in Portugal :sunny::melting_face:

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Still been working on my usual projects. I don’t really have a favorite newsletter :confused:

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Ok ngl I have a couple of newsletters I have setup on a subaddress of one of my emails. Usually, I’m a fan of those newsletters that share interesting software other people have been working on. I’m always on the lookout for things that would integrate really nicely with my existing projects. e.g. chat with pdf via ai is nice because I’m sure we’ve all seen a very long manual every now and then.

For folks interested in the weekly ai advances:

Similarly ben’s bites does a bit less but still brings up some interesting things every once in a while:

Here’s a peek at this weeks newsletter

On the same inbox I also am subscribed to the glitch newsletter of course.

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I’m signed up for the Mozilla Hacks and some Firefox newsletters.

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I like, a not-quite-weekly webassembly roundup.


Subscribing to this because I did a lot of wasm stuff a while ago, WILD that someone put a language model in wasm according to the latest issue

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