Community Open Thread 3 - September 23, 2022

Happy friday, this is your open thread!

Here are some cool Glitch links to get your brain wrinkles moving (is that how brains work?):

Here’s a Weird Old Book I found from 1901 that will teach me how to open my own soda fountain shop!

screenshot of an old book archive titled "Soda water guide and book of formulas for soda water dispensers"

Say hello, share what you’re working on, tell us your hopes and dreams, etc. :alien:


I was so happy to see Jenn share the link to the frontend made by @huytd! I’ve been playing Nethack off and on for over 20 years; it’s such a classic game and unfolds in wonderful ways. I still haven’t played Elden Ring but hearing people talk about it earlier this year reminded me of my first times getting to the late game in Nethack.

We had a last-minute request to hear what Glitch staff are working on in last week’s thread so I thought I’d stop by to share that I just shipped the last piece of a fairly sizable change to our project hosting backend which gives us the ability to categorize individual projects and match them up with specialized project hosts.

While there’s unfortunately no noticeable change for the community right now, this will allow us to more easily test changes to the instances, operating systems, containers, and all the infrastructure in between. This means that in the coming months, as we work on both dependency upgrades and new features, we can verify that they work everywhere without having any impact on your projects until we’re confident that we’re ready.


Hi everyone!

I haven’t been doing much with creative bots, but I think I’m seeing a bit more interest lately, so I just created a playlist on the Botwiki page. Hoping to add some more updated starter projects.

Happy for folks to suggest their own open-source bots for me to add them!


Nice thread!! I like this!!

I’ve been working on an 11ty blog for our fantasy football league, on Glitch of course.

The project is Pigskin

And I blogged about it (how meta) on my personal blog to cover how I used Google Forms and Sheets to gather JSON data about each of the teams: An 11ty blog for my NFL Fantasy league - SteGriff


Just came here to say that I have no idea who the audience for this app is, but I keep opening it and it hypnotizes me, so props to the creator!! I love when the web is just weird and fun.

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This is really cool! My family does a fantasy football league, and I think I’m going to pitch doing this next season. Good luck with your team!

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Thanks for sharing! Are there bot starters that you wish existed, like a wishlist/ideas that the community can contribute to?

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Great question! There needs to be more examples with API v2, which was recently officially released. I haven’t looked at it much myself yet, but for one I know that they now support polls, which is pretty cool.

:rocket: Followed!

Just figured out there was a table there!

Haha, cool trick!

I tried “How to use a computer”, no results :rofl:. But I found this book that has some hands on it’s cover.

Unknown audience to me, too! :rofl:

This seems interesting!

Certainly, it is! :tada:


this week I was almost done writing a series of posts on a recent project Explore the insides of Nix packages from the comfort of your browser - #6 by wh0 but then I got sucked into playing shenzhen io

oh and recently I updated this old project Didn't work: show users where to edit a various parts of your template so that it would actually work. but only just barely, and it’s really un-good.


Yeahhhhh!!! :fireworks::confetti_ball::tada::partying_face:
The problem is that now the editor refreshes when you click on the edit link