Community Open Thread 4 - September 30, 2022

It’s Friday, time for an open thread to take us into Rocktober… :alien: :guitar:

Here’s some Glitch + Fastly inspo:

Say hello, share what you’re working on, tell us your hopes and dreams but not your passwords, etc. :ringer_planet:

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Hello World!

Never gonna give you up. The Great Rickroller

My password is: (•)

Like that!

This looks cool! Here’s tweet:

No idea!

Also everyone, please check this out immediately!

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findings about the bamboo link:

  1. const URL = '';
    function updateTweetCount(){
      jQuery.get(URL, function( data ){

    it actually runs on heroku

  2.     totalTweets = parseInt(data) + 100;

    it fudges the numbers :thinking:


Oh bad…

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Alright y’all know I’m deep in Nix land :ring_buoy: thanks for the feature :pray:

Been playing Shenzhen I/O. So much of it is figuring out how to fit a program into 14 instructions. My code golf is so weak.

That and repeatedly worrying about how I have no idea what I’m doing for Hacktoberfest this year. Anyone have a participating repository? What PRs would you want?


My partner is really into Shenzhen I/O, has the deluxe manual binder and everything - cool to see someone else mentioning it!

If you end up getting into Zachtronics’ newest game Last Call BBS, @Osmose made this tilemap editor (Netronics Mapmaker) for it. I love the idea of making apps to play into and extend the lore of a game.

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