Community Open Thread 40 - Glitch's 7th birthday and its future edition

Happy Friday, folks! The weather here is gorgeous, my afternoon coffee is hot, and there’s a lot to share from the Glitch team that I’m compiling here in case you missed it:

Okay that was a lot, but exciting stuff. What are you’s all up to this week? Make anything cool, read anything fun, learn anything interesting? Let us know below and I’ll see you on


oh my god it no longer makes that little gray “Glitch” tooltip when you move your mouse around :place_of_worship:

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literally the first thing I checked when we got a staging site of the new blog was that those haunted tooltips didn’t make their way over somehow lmao

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I learned that this week discord is dropping activities for everyone to test as a developer, they’re basically little iframes you can put your own content…with a catch. Because of the csp they’ve set, you’re basically not able to access anything on a different domain…instead you have to configure paths on the domain they allocate you to proxy through a cloudflare workers, it sounds quite silly for security but I’m curious what people end up building on it.

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