Community Open Thread 8 - October 28, 2022

It’s the last friday before Halloween - are you dressing up? Is it illegal for me to go as Alice Cooper 3 years in a row because I like the way he does his makeup?

Anyway, if you’re here for some cool links, I got ya:

Say hello, share what you’re working on (code, writing, whatever!), or gimme more cool links for the community to check out! :jack_o_lantern:

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:rofl: It isn’t…


Games are cool and you can see that had a lot of work behind them!

Why is CORS always so boring?..

Are there spirits in your computer? Nope… is the solution.
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ui frameworks and libraries are important: vanilla JS and DOM ends up requiring a lot of variables to get things done. frameworks reduce the mental burden by allowing a lot more things to be anonymous. in DOM you might have to write:

const e0 = document.createElement('ul');
const e1 = document.createElement('li');
const e2 = document.createElement('a');
// e2.href, e2.textContent, etc
const e3 = document.querySelector(...);

like how much time would it take you or your team to come up with good enough names for all of e0 through e3?

whereas in frameworks these days you don’t have to name things as much. for example, in jsx you write something much closer to html:

const e3 = document.querySelector(...);
render_something_in_container(e3, <ul><li><a ...>...</a></li></ul>);

but with all those benefits and more, I still use plain DOM.

I was trying to figure out why, and I think it comes down to a feeling that I haven’t done “enough” with it. like “aw I spent time to learn it and I’ve only ever made (some short list of things) with it.” like if you’ve ever bought a dvd player and now in 2022 you realize you only ever watched four movies on it and everything’s streaming now.