Community Open Thread - September 1, 2023 🥷

Hey forum friends! :wave: Welcome to this week’s open thread! It is currently almost the end of my Friday in Kansas City, ahead of a long holiday weekend. Thank you unions :pray: for Labor Day!

I’ve started doing my research for August’s Last Month on Glitch post and despite being what feels like the longest month of my year (the month before my birthday), you all managed to keep it entertaining and intriguing. I love stumbling upon Glitch apps in the wild and thinking about what inspired that creator to make it! Here is a sneak peek at some of the projects we might feature:

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts while I work, so that made me wonder, what are your podcast recommendations? Here are a few that I’ve been listening to (and going through their back catalogs and binging).

  • Tech Won’t Save Us - My last job before Glitch was at a crypto company, and this podcast takes that industry to task, and I am here for it. But also, Paris Marx is a very thoughtful hosts and they cover a ton of issues in the wider tech industry so it’s always a solid listen.
  • Scam Goddess - I will listen to anything about pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing programs and scammers, and Laci Mosley is so funny. Probably one of my fave podcast hosts atm.
  • The Retrievals - Produced by the Serial team, this podcast looks at the aftermath of a nurse, who addicted to Fentanyl, began stealing it from the fertility clinic where she worked (at Yale medical) and replacing it with saline, which seems like a victimless crime, until you factor in the number of women who underwent painful procedures with only saline to sedate them. :sob:

Okay, now tell me what you’re listening to this weekend! :eyes:


(p.s., thanks for hanging out with me this month, jennmoneydollars will be back next week! :cowboy_hat_face: )

For me, I don’t even treat the search for podcasts as anything different from web browsing. Find an article you’re interested in and turn on the accessibility screen reader thing. (No offense to podcast producers who put in effort.) Plus, you get to feel all sophisticated for going around and checking websites for screen reader compatibility and telling people things like “accessibility tools are not just for blind people” etc.

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I’ve added another bot to my remix of the Creative Bots project. If you have an account anywhere in the fediverse, go follow it for some spectacular views of the open sea.

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