Compatibility Error [See for details]

So, recently I tried to log into the support forum using a computer that had Windows Vista as the operating system. Before that day, I was looking at the forum normally and everything was good. Although that day, the only thing that I could see in the website was just the categories multiplying when I was pressing them.

From a Discord Bot Developer,

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Hey @TehPig_YT,

This is something for @support_staff. Also, I’m categorising this to the Feedback category!!!

Hi @TehPig_YT,

I’m sorry that Windows Vista is playing well with our community forum! We are currently looking at ways to improve the forum experience, so thanks for pointing that out!

I’d suggest you report this issue on the Discourse meta, since the Glitch Support Forum uses Discourse.


Windows Vista is no longer officially supported by Microsoft nor by any of the major browsers, its old version of IE will have problems on a lot of modern websites.

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I know that but, as I said it was working fine before that.

Thanks in advance,