Competitions and Bounties, OR The best ideas always come from a drunken mind!

…or not? Which reminds me, for the last year I’m doing my programmin exclusively online, thank you Glitch! And doing it all over Android tablet with touch screen keyboard, but I’m yet to fincd a good one. If only Hacker’s keyboard could float away from the bottom and become movable and resizable., that would be perfect!

Now, I bet someone can make that in a day here on Glitch, and I’d pay $50 if it could then, somehaow, be embedded to work with Glitch editor. Bounties. But it’s not just mine $50, oher people who would like such feature/software could put more money in the bounty pot. And then, say, when it reaches $200 I decide to make it. And then, someone offers to make it for $150…wait, stop, no, no, no, thats something else now. Anyhow, I’d say that kind of marketplace fits for Glitch, right?
But in any case, what a great idea!

Competitions, kind of like bounties but without money involved. Is this somewher nearby where Glitch is going, or could be going?

In conclusion, I will admit to not know how to build the community, but to bring them closer I’m pretty sure you gotta give them stuff to do together, as you already do. Bravo, and cheers!