Confused about project hours and static sites

Hi, I’m a little confused about how the project hours limitation is supposed to work with static sites.

I have used up all of my 1000 hours so expected that non-static sites would not work.

But I also get the “You’ve used all your project hours for this month” error on static sites too - even though I thought these were exempt.

Is this meant to happen? That static sites will stop working too, if the monthly project hours limit is reached?



Hello @derekahmedzai,

Let me clear up a few things about static sites:

According to Glitch’s Article on project hours, the answer to the question “What do apps look like when the project owner has used all of their Project Hours before the month is over?” is:

If someone visits your app after you have run out of Project Hours for the month, they will see a glitchy graphic and a message that says, “Oops! This project isn’t running”.

I think its safe to assume that this includes static sites too.

Glitch said that Static sites didn’t need hours. They were 24/7

Yes, on the blog post that introduced this they said that “your Static Sites never go to sleep — even for free users”

But now it seems I’ve killed all my static sites because I used the hours on the dynamic ones. Which is not what I understood would happen, it was a pretty nasty surprise!

I think they should clarify that static sites are also going to be turned off if your hours are used up.

I’m also facing this issue with projects like!/static-misc-2 - it’s a static project, but it’s been disabled for using too many hours. But the dashboard claims it’s only used 6 project hours.

I also interpret as saying these limits shouldn’t apply to static projects.

Hey everyone - static sites should always be accessible at their address 24/7, regardless of whether your hours have been hit. We did have a bug that was resolved yesterday, where if the editor was accessed for a project after the owner’s uptime hours were hit, it caused that site to stop serving temporarily. That shouldn’t be happening any more though - please let us know if you’re still seeing issues with static sites not serving at their addresses and we can look into it further.

Secondly, the 1000 uptime hours limit per month is for all your projects in total, so even if you only used a few hours for that static project, you may have other projects that used many more hours, causing you to hit your limit overall. You can archive any projects that you don’t want to count towards your hours via the dashboard. Note that the 1000 hour limit also includes time that you spend actively editing sites - that’s for static and non-static alike (more details in the help centre here). At that point, you won’t be able to edit your projects from the editor - although you can still download your project, or upgrade your account and Boost the project to allow it to be edited. Also worth noting that other users visiting your site via the editor can still remix it to get their own copy.

Hope that helps, please let us know if any of this is still unclear and we’ll make sure to update the support docs!


Thanks for clearing the confusion!


Well, people’s static sites aren’t loading because of the project hours limit, whether if it’s static site’s hours being taken or not, so what’s going on there??

Err. Did you check the static site example I showed in my post?

The project url doesn’t load as well and he claims it is a static site

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I don’t see anything at, but does work, so it seems to be serving successfully.

1 Like should work. And when I visit!/static-misc-2, I shouldn’t get:

My static sites are back up again.

I haven’t used the editor though, so maybe it was different issue to the one @sheridan mentioned above.

This also caused a demo on to stop working. I’ve boosted it to fix it. However, should this have failed? It’s part of that Google pays for.

hey @jaffathecake - will only work if you have an index.html file at the root of your project. The previous way of serving all Glitch apps (which was not always-on for static sites) served a folder explorer even if there was no index.html available, but the new method of always-on serving doesn’t support that.

The reason you can’t access!/static-misc-2 in the editor is due to what I referenced above - only boosted projects can be edited after you hit your project hour limit across all your projects for the current month:

Note that the 1000 hour limit also includes
time that you spend actively editing sites - that’s for static and non-static alike (more details in the help centre here).

If you email into we can help you with some options there so you can get this project fixed such that it’s running again.

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As @sheridan says, the project is up.

If my project is part of a team that pays for Glitch, in this case, should it count towards my personal limit? Should I be locked out of editing that project if my personal limit is reached?

It feels like Glitch isn’t really a viable solution for us at

Right now, at the moment, there is no hour system for teams, so I suppose that would be the case if the project is not boosted.

@riversiderocks is correct, we don’t have a paid teams offering yet - but we absolutely agree with you that it’s not ideal that this app usage currently has to come out of your personal allowance, so this is something we’re actively working on. We’re actually already chatting to one of your coworkers about next steps there to improve the immediate situation for you and your team. I’ll switch to DM to let you know who we’re talking to :slight_smile:


It happen to me!!! project name:


when should it be fixed?

Mkay, you should probably be emailing, instead of bumping this thread.