Connect with github gives HTTP 400 error

id: 37ab4a35cf5eb1ef

I click connect github then I get this error. It does not pass.

Hi @fselcukcan it looks as though you might have two accounts and your GitHub account at is already associated with If you sign into Glitch using GitHub you should be logged into the older, already-associated account.

If that doesn’t get you where you need to be can you help us understand what you’d like to see happen with these accounts and we work to get you set up properly.

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Thanks. What I would like to do is to associate my github account mentioned with my newer glitch account, fselcukcan.
For this I would like to have an option to dissociate a glitch account from a github account, like this forum has.

Hey @fselcukcan thanks for getting back to us! Before we can move that GitHub account we’ll need to verify your ownership of the account that GitHub ID is currently associated with. Can you send an email to from that address (i****** to confirm?

In addition to this email verification this, above, would be handier.

I want to associate with github account since I want to make commits from glitch in my project and it is convenient to work on an online web ide.

Thanks for reponding.

Hello. I had sent the email. Any progress?

Hi @fselcukcan sorry for the delay here! We’ve updated your account as requested and you should be able to log in with and associate your newer Glitch account with your GitHub account.

Let us know if you have further issues!

It has solved my issue. Thanks a lot!