Connecting to Mongodb

How do I start an instance of Mongodb that I can connect to? I am using Mongoose. I installed mongodb and mongoose through the package.json add package. I can’t seem to get mongodb running in the shell using ‘mongo’ so I am pretty sure I am totally off on how to use this with my app. Any help is appreciated. Thank!

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We don’t host mongo db’s ourself, but you can use a third-party provider like (who provide a free plan). Here’s an example:


Follow up question- which cloud provider/region does Glitch use to host the server-side code? We (mLab) recommend that folks place their application infrastructure and database in the same local network to minimize latency and protect against packet sniffing. For example, if Glitch hosts in AWS US East, it’d be ideal to host the database there as well.


We currently host all Glitch projects on AWS US East :slight_smile: