Console Error don't pops up

Hi! In my project “Novo Swift” (, the console
is saying that there is an error, but does not show anything, just restart the application immediately without stopping.

I’ve remixed it several times and it still doesn’t work.

Can you help stop it?

This might be a bug, your code may not have any errors. Has your code been giving you issues other than the error warning?

Did i run the app in my computer and was worked perfectly. Yes, i think it is a Glitch bug


Does it have a listener to keep running? Or exit straight away?

When your program exits, Glitch will automatically rerun it.

To me it just looks like a UI bug. As the code ran fine locally, it should be fine on glitch.

Check your project’s resources. That will also show when it is the resources fualt.

Hey, I have access to this project too. It’s not a bug in the UI

In this case, the project is a bot, and the bot DOES NOT RESPOND TO COMMANDS, because
the application is not effectively online (it restarts all the time)

Could you run this in your project’s console?

curl -I
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I gave myself the freedom to execute, that was the way out

Any ideas on the subject? We really need this…