Console / log problems in Firefox 64 (Win32)


Heya - I’m having some problems with the Console in Firefox 64 that I don’t see in Chrome. It’s been a few weeks (months?) since I last worked on my Glitch projects, and these issues also seem new in Firefox since then.

Two main things:

  1. If I have a lot of scrolling output from a command, the console keeps freezing unless I hit a key (e.g. space or return).
  2. When open, the Console / Log panel doesn’t reach the very bottom of the window - see the little bit of the orange “new” cat to the bottom right. I also see “NaNxNaN” while resizing, and the last line or two of my console are invisible off the bottom of the panel.

I didn’t see this stuff in another forum post, so hopefully I’m not just repeating a known issue


Actually, I think I just saw this issue happen in Chrome too - it just took a lot more output before the freezing started happening. For context, I have a script that imports stuff into a database and spews out about 800 lines or so of log output.


Hey Les, I haven’t found a quick repro on the floating console pane problem or related issues, but I haven’t recreated the 800 line output yet. By chance is your project one that you can share and I can remix to play with?

Also does the console pane become unattached after you run your chatty command, or is it already unattached when you pop it open? Does the Logs pane (before you switch to the console) start detached? Does resizing the pane related to the detached state as far as you can tell? Do you see the freezing when you view the console in the full-sized window? If it’s been a few months than the console window inside the Logs pane is probably new functionality for you.

We’ve seen the NaN issue; I’ll make sure we have a task in our backlog to look at that - it may or may not be related to the above problematic behaviors.

Sorry for the wall of questions!


Sure! The project is a mess right now but it’s here:

The commands I ran to get it going were:

knex migrate:latest
./bin/feeder opml-import -d ./sample.opml

That should create a SQLite database under .data and attempt to import 800 or so items from an OPML file. There will probably be errors, but there should be lots of output.

Also for what it’s worth, it seems like the panel sizing issue is intermittent for me on Firefox. But the console freezing keeps happening either way.


Oh, sorry, I skipped right over the questions!

I notice the sizing issue when I open the Logs panel, before clicking on the Console button. (It does seem to be intermittent, though.)

The console seems to work alright until either there’s a lot of output. I see the issue in both the full-sized window and when the console is within the logs pane. Also, yeah, last time I used the Console in my projects, there wasn’t yet an option to display it in the logs pane - that’s definitely new functionality for me.


Oh hey! I just noticed one other major detail:

I have two monitors. #1 is 1920x1080 and at 100% scale. #2 is 3840x2160 at 150% scale.

This issue doesn’t happen on monitor #1.

When I open the project on monitor #2 (the one with scaling), the issue happens.

I can’t think off the top of my head why the resolution / scaling issue would cause it. :confused:

Edit: I can also reproduce the issue on monitor #1 if I increase the zoom in just the browser to 150% (i.e. VIew > Zoom menu or Ctrl-+)