Console.log(user) returns undefined

Well, this problem has been bothering me for some time now, and I’ve kept putting it off, but now it’s time to get rid of this error.

I am trying to add some users to an array, in a way that makes it easy to just pull them forth and used them as mentions. Right now I have a reaction collector, and I’'m trying to pull out the users from there with two exceptions; the user and the bot. The reason the user isn’t going to matter, is because they should already be a part of the array.

For some context, I’m making a racing game, where you join by reacting and then after 60 seconds the game start and you hope to win. I’ve made a collector using the example on the Collectors | Discord.js Guide-site, but whenever I try to get the user who sent the message, and only the one who sent the message just then (Because the bot appears for every time I log reaction.users, even though it only reacts once). I’ve tried logging user, reaction.user, users and reaction.users.

And also, the collected.size gave me -1

Edit: Forgot to add some referencing code, but here you go

players.push( => {
const filter = (reaction, user) => {
return === ‘:racing_car:’;
const collector = sentEmbed.createReactionCollector(filter, { time: 15000 });
collector.on(‘collect’, (reaction => {
collector.on(‘end’, collected => {
let track = new Discord.RichEmbed()
.setTitle(“Owned by the Monimuffin Server”)
.setAuthor(“Formuffina 1”, “”)
.setDescription(“It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… \n We are here on the Monimuffin racing track, Sponsored by the Monimuffin server!”)
.addField(“Instructions”, “Attend the race by reacting with” + car + “\nDepending on your car, you have a varying chance of success\nThis is a very dangerous race, and many will not finish\n Only those who manage to finish the race will be rewarded”)
.setFooter(“Current players: 1”);

Anyways, all help would be greatly appreciated. So as always, thanks in advance, and have a marvelous day!

The way I do reaction roles on my bot for my discord server - I have channel the message is being sent to, completely cleared when the bot starts, then it sends the message, react for this blah blah, then I have a messageReactionAdd event, which the start of it, looks like this:

const { RichEmbed } = require('discord.js'); = async(client, messageReaction, user) => {
	const { message, emoji } = messageReaction;
	if ( return; // Dont include bots
	if ( === '480421483575902208' || // The bots id - So it does not include the bot !== '612438538000138240' || // Make sure its only in the channel the message was sent at the start !== '📥') return; // Make sure the emoji is correct

Hope that helps at all!

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It won’t let me pass the I’ve used console log on both sides, only the first one returns, meaning the code stops working right there. If you could explain to me a little bit how that part works, I may be able to find a workaround though, so thanks

Nvm, found a solution.

For anyone who also wonders about this, here’s my solution:

client.on(‘messageReactionAdd’, (reaction, user) => {
if( === candy && reaction.users.last() === user1) {//user1 is a variable I used earlier to find the mention, and candy is another variable
[Your code here]
} else if( === trick && reaction.users.last() === user1 && {//trick is also another variable
[Your code here]

This checks for two different reactions, and if the user reaction is the specified user. If there is anything just comment and I will answer as soon as I can.

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