Console Not Snappy

Hi guys. I’m pretty used to developing mainly on the terminal (screen, vim, et al). Having used terminals from the browser to develop in the past (GCE, AWS, Cloud 9, etc), I have to say its actually becoming a habit for me already. Naturally, I was delighted to see Glitch even has console access! Of course, restrictions (no sudo) are sad but expected. Yet somehow every time I do a keystroke it actually has a pretty observable delay from the action taking effect, maybe as much as seconds. Sad to say, I can’t really stand that. I’m currently sticking back to dev-ing in the normal glitch, but I’d hate to see Glitch fail here, compared to as advertised. Any ideas?

Hi @irisjay,

unfortunately I am not able to reproduce your issue. These are the causes that come to my mind:

  1. Where are you located? Our servers are in the US, so if you are typing from Australia, I can see the console being a bit slow for you.

  2. Is your project doing some heavy computation? The console runs in the same container as your project, and we throttle resources, so that can be a possibility.

  3. Does it happen sometimes, or always? If it always happen to you, then perhaps there is something new on our end that we need to investigate.

  4. Does it happen on every device you use to access Glitch? Perhaps it is related to your own device… or to the browser/browser version you’re using.

If you want us to dig a bit further into it, please answer and also share the project names on which you’re seeing this unfortunate behavior!

Thanks :slight_smile:

This happens to me when I am running out of computer resources; it is not fixabled by Glitch as it has to do with your computer.

Also make sure you aren’t using any of the following browser plugins ( and let us know if this problem still happens in an incognito window.

@etamponi Thanks for your effort! Well, I guess you’re right, I’m actually in Hong Kong, quite very far from the US. But regarding points two to four, well the scripts I’m running are pretty light, and honestly I expect vim to be really snappy, no way ‘heavy’ computation. Yes it does happen all the time, and though I primarily use Glitch from my device, but as a Macbook Pro I don’t expect the problem to be related to my device. My specific project is noon-revolver, in case you guys happen to want to look into what I’m doing!


I haven’t been able to reproduce your issues in a remix of your project, and we haven’t had any other reports of such issues. Please confirm you aren’t using any of the following browser plugins ( 5) and let us know if this problem still happens in an incognito window.