Container overload

Sorry for wasting resources
I typed git clne GITURL I got an error, asking me if it was git clone, I typed yes and the console started auto spamming y in the console.

Yes, everything was in the console. A few pictures:

How do I prevent it, or this is a Glitch *glitch.

Wow! You’ve broken the system! If you could email or create a ticket on Happyfox they will be able to help you (usually take 24-48 hours to get back to you). For now, maybe you could try opening the terminal full-page or pressing Ctrl+C (Linux stop running command shortcut - I think! Don’t know if it works here)



Yes, it does work here. It’s the standard keyboard shortcut for “politely” killing a process.


What do you mean by “politely”? :face_with_monocle:.
Can you explain a bit more?

I don’t have keyboard shortcuts on my old iPad.
Any other way to do that? (I’m using a touchscreen device)

I’ll try that when I’m on my desktop though, thanks.

It’s called polite with reference to Ctrl + Z, another command used to kill a process in a terminal.

Ctrl+C sends SIGINT which will interrupt the application. Usually causing it to abort, but this is up to the application to decide.

Ctrl+Z sends SIGTSTP to a foreground application, effectively putting it in the background, suspended. This is useful if you need to break out of something like an editor to go and grab some data you needed. You can go back into the application by running fg (or %x where x is the job number as shown in jobs ).

From StackOverflow


Thanks, do you also happen to have a solution for touchscreens?

Congratulations! You just won my challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, what? Wrong topic @SplitXPlayZ???

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I set up a challenge where i wanted to see that you can beat my container overload, and he did it!



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Hmmm…maybe there might be a few mobile keyboards in the Android Play Store that has a Ctrl key…

Anyway, check if that clone url is correct, or refresh your app by launching a new terminal. Maybe git having issues with clne command which is weird because i used git clone a lot and this error never happend.

I must say, it is quite impressive that you got that much data into a Glitch container.

Yes, I’m very much impressed of you, good job, you get A+++ for using 2GB worth of memory! Congratulations :tada:! :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


I have done worse. You wanna see worse?

I’m using iOS/iPadOS, and there are no keyboards for that.