Container running slowly


It seems like my container is running quite slowly. I’ve just ran enable-pnpm to try and optimize my packages but the command itself is running slower than the previous times.

The editor is fine but the requests to my website take up to 10 seconds (20 for the worst case).
Yesterday, it was fine but this morning, I woke up and it was like that.

As I have a periodic loop that needs a lot of processing power to load some data in, I thought this was normal but even after 2 hours everything is still slow and the CPU status is only at 12%.

I didn’t make any change that could affect the performance that heavily and my other projects are running fine. I’ve just submitted a ticket to the help center for an admin to take a look at it but if someone has a solution or an explanation, that would be awesome !

Thanks a lot.

Hey, I was seeing some goofy container behaviour too. Looks like there’s now an incident for tracking it: Glitch Status - Slow project requests and start times

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