Container space limit but no max. number of containers?

Having container space limit but no max. number of containers seems to be a contradiction in an effort to save and optimally allocate storage resources.

Would it not be far more manageable if the number of containers per account had a fixed limit, or total storage per account was fixed.

Say, 2 containers max but with 500MB instead 128?

Or 1GB max per account that can then be user-allocated over one or more containers?

Charge for extra.

Not from our perspective - this setup encourages use of our cdn for assets, which is more efficient for us to run. Are local storage limits proving to be an issue for a type of app you’re creating? If so, let us know a bit more about what it is you’re trying to create and we may be able to help.

128MB is plenty for me, thank you.

Is there a way to use assets folder file to store frequently changing database, and would it offer any advantage over storing it on the container file system?

I guess that question is equivalent of whether is it possible to create, remove, and modify assets files programatically?

What consequence, if any, has deletion of ‘.glitch-assets’ on actual file stored on the server? I deleted ‘.glitch-assets’, how to restore it?

How to check assets storage space used/remaining?

Is it normal ‘df /app’ reports different usage MBs after executing ‘npm install’ several times in a row, even when nothing supposedly changes and npm skips install reporting “up to date…”?