Containter Stats

My container stats warning but disk using im use a lot of git gc and git prune but ıts always started happen i need another solution

I good start to stopping your disk filling up would be to create a file called “.gitignore” and put any database files, or any files that are changed regularly into it, the files will not be visible in the file editor after they are put there, but will still be there!
After you do that, try doing git gc, and git prune like you were, and if that does not work, then you can try deleting your .git file, if you have no reason to keep it, be aware that doing this will remove anything on your rewind timeline, which will be started over again, if you are going to do that, then you can do it with rm -rf .git


Once I had a very large project and the .git took up about 150mb, so I ended up deleting it since I have a copy of the version history on github anyway.

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Glitch full disk error lists the basic steps to avoid continual git repo size problems. Hope this helps!