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This project I like :slight_smile:

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@Alt_Guy, thank you for all questions :slight_smile:

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Information on the site.

At the moment, the site is operating normally without interruption. There were some changes on the site that affected violators.
We continue to work to improve our service.

13.06.2020 | Update 1.3

What’s new:

  • rewritten old commands
  • fixed minor bugs and errors
  • added BlackList

Dear users of our service!

Since the creation of the project, only 14 days (2 weeks) have passed. During this time, 50+ projects were installed for monitoring, some of which had to be removed, and so on. A lot of work has been done and a lot of time has been spent. What was these 2 weeks? There were spam attacks on the site, there were bug fixes and a lot of interesting things. At the moment, we plan to distribute the project to the masses and support it. If you are for us, be active, talk about the service to your friends, colleagues and ordinary people. Let’s help each other :slight_smile:

Thank you for choosing us!


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that’s bad… Glitch has started to block all ping services so projects cannot be online if they will be pinged by Monitor Bot, uptime robot, etc.
Monitor Bot might die… we are sorry about that. thank you for being with us…
At the moment we will try to avoid this and keep your bots and sites online :slight_smile:
Hopefully our project will not die and you will enjoy our service :slight_smile:

– shadowplay1, second owner of this bot


The block is temporary for most likely this week, not permanent.

@Nicsena, But, all the same, I’m most likely to leave Glitch on VDS.

Have you thought about using websockets and on no echo responses notify people that thier project is possibly dead?

Client should just run a script from their side, which will connect to the server by ws and do ping-pong action. A script could be just an npm package nor a bash executable.

Client -                               - Server
          ws connect request -> (token)
          <- ws connect accept/reject (interval)
          ... ping ->
          <- pong...
          - no ping in the interval - should notify -

Tokens can be an efficient way to add users’ projects: on a website they could get a JWT token with all data included in it, such as project ID, owner, ping interval, etc. Or it could just contain an ID for a database entry.

Also, take a look at this page

This is the worst possible situation for Websockets, which are designed for pushing data rather than polling… Websockets will save you both bandwidth and CPU cycles.

Therefore, it might be an efficient solution for Glitch

Can we use this? Pinging is not allowed Check An update on pinging services + Glitch @xyligan

No you can no longer use this

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and I suggest @glitch_support should close this thread


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@xyligan pinging services are banned on Glitch, continuing to ping projects can result in the account of the project owner to be suspended according to the Terms of Service of Glitch.


Ok, NOW @xyligan is violating ToS.