Content not saved... again. Autosave is *still* broken

I keep trying to use the Glitch service but the “auto-save” feature continues to be the bane of my existence.

I can’t stress enough how badly I want a real SAVE feature, and how much I detest auto-save.

Today I started a new project, forking from the SQLite poll demo project. I made various edits, and I’ve got roughly 3-4hours of tinkering into it… then all of a sudden my code view doesn’t match the rendered view… the rendered view is from about an hour ago in my code, and no amount of hard reloading is showing the new code.

Fine, I close down the editor tab, walk away, curse under my breath that the auto-save feature is still broken.

After dinner and a nice long walk, I log back in (different computer, just to make sure)… and there’s my project… showing me the code from an hour or so before my last edits… and all the new content is gone.

Ok, no worries, there’s a timeline feature now… I’ll just slide back to where the code was last correct, and “rebase” to that point. Nope! no sign of my working, updated code edits at all.

So, I’m determined… I have an idea I want to prototype out, so I’m going to try it again… but I needed to vent about this because it still hasn’t been fixed (ignoring that its a bad design (IMHO)).

Is there a way to trigger a specific, named snapshot? If not, can that be a feature so that we can perform a SAVE when we know we are at a point that we want to save?

Opening the rewind panel should make a new snapshot. You can’t name it though.

You can use git for version control if you feel like opening up the terminal though. Then you can go crazy with commit messages and branches. I prefer that for some projects.

Although probably none of this would help if your stuff isn’t getting updated correctly in the first place. Usually they put up a little error message in the corner if your editor loses connection. Weird.

Also—last time we asked about this, they said that everything is auto-save because of the collaboration. You’d always need to send the latest copy to the server so everyone else can see, and they hadn’t made it keep separate “unsaved” and “saved” copies.

If only though, huh?

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If you want to request a save feature you can do so in the feature section, and people can vote on it.

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Hey, I’m really sorry this happened to you! Never nice to lose work.

When Glitch loses connection for synchronising code, you should see a message in the top right advising you to save your work to another window, refresh, and paste it back in.

If that’s not happening for a whole hour of working, that’s a bug, and you could try to capture some details about when/what project it happens on, to pass along to support.

And the only advice I can give you is to copy your work sideways to a Notepad window or similar!

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I seriously could not imagine doing 3 hours of editing on the Glitch editor environment. Not that it isn’t handy or easy to start but it is no substitute for a professional editor (Visual Studio Code). You are editing a live site which in the course of several hours will have tried to restart numerous times for no reason. Pausing while typing doesn’t mean “let’s recompile”.

If you don’t already at least try push the project to GitHub and clone a local copy. Play with the code, copy and paste, run it locally, open the database using a local client, etc. and when you like what you have push a copy up to GitHub. Pop on over to Glitch and tell it to pull the latest copy, done.

The issues are only magnified if you had 2 or more developers working on the same project. Who gets to type their changes in now? How do we undo the not so good changes that broke the things you were adding?

If developing locally proves to be too much work you can always go back. There is very little invested to try it and I’ve not lost 3 hours of work.

Yea, websocket may not be that reliable because of detecting broke connections, save feature that fallbacks to XHR would be nice. I don’t want to get out of the habit of pressing Ctrl/Command + S

and if you’re doing stuff locally a plus side is vscode has it’s own autosave too. You could try the git repository provided in the export menu if you still need to deploy to glitch

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… and extensions for SQLite, Svelte, Tailwind CSS and dozens of others. A Rest API Client, a lorem ipsum generator, glTF Tools, multiple tabs and shared development tooling.

I don’t think glitch was meant to build apps that are that big, but there are some pretty big downsides of the editor yea, one of the key issues is not having autocomplete can be both bad and good (I feel like I’ve memorized more interfaces of apis because of this).

I don’t know what size of app the Glitch editor targets but an app doesn’t need to be that large overall to have a few folders and a couple dozen files. You can turn off autocomplete if you like to memorize. I forgot to mention side-by-side display when I compare my current file with the one from version control.

Even a small company with a small project would be concerned with the source code existing solely on a system outside of their immediate control.

I think it is great for what it does but don’t feel it is a substitute for a really great editor. Developers should familiarize themselves with the options and opt for the one they prefer.

Thanks for all the feedback folks. I’ve decided to do incremental exports out to github to ensure that I’ve got backups at any significant milestone now… but this feels like a crutch for the broken save issue.

I’d still urge the Glitch team to add support for a manual save option… or even just bind the CTRL/Command + S key combo I keep hitting to do a save… to trigger a timestamped backup in the history that can be rewound to.

As for why this keeps happening I’ve had some thoughts about this. By default when a new project is started it gets some generated name… “purple”+“soggy”+“kangaroo” or whatever… to quickly hack something this is fine, but ultimately I want to name it something meaningful tied to my project… I think shortly after renaming the project is where things fall apart… I’m not sure if the internal saving logic is tied to some unique ID/GUID or if there are any dependencies on the name of the project? I’d argue that if there is anything tied to the name of the project, that is likely where the flaw is that causes things to get out of sync.

As for using the Glitch online IDE vs. VS Code or similar… I agree, for “full blown” development a “real” IDE is the desired approach but there are times you start out just wanting to tinker… and tinkering with the “live” public environment is ideal if you want to share your stuff vs. running a localhost server… the challenge is that sometimes a 15min hack grows into a few hours of exploration… and well that’s what happened to me. :frowning:

I still love Glitch, it seems great for whipping up a quick proof of concept to test out an idea, or to prototype a new thing before fully committing to a larger project and spinning up your own domain/cloud server/infrastructure yada yada…

Hopefully the auto-save demons will leave me alone for a while! :wink:

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