ConvChain API isn’t working

i’m a novice at this. i’m working on a game, and i’m trying to test the Convchain api that i imported. the FOR loop that i’m using is refusing to work. i haven’t programmed in a while, can you find out what i’m doing wrong?

couldn’t find your code x_x

if you removed it from your project to work on other things for now, could you post a copy here?

ok, i rewinded the project.

how come I don’t see convchain in the package.json dependencies? how are you installing it?

huh. i guess it makes sense that it didn’t show up, because i’ve had to install it several times through the ‘’‘add package’‘’ tab, because it kept dissapearing from package.json.

i’m dropping the API and teaching myself Wave Function Collaspe. thanks for trying to help.

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