Convert CityDesk to HyperDev

A long-time (and current!) CityDesk user - Looking for longer-term support from FogCreek. Any plans on providing tools for automatic / supported conversion from CityDesk to HyperDev? Templating or scripting for HyperDev?

Best of luck - you folks do great stuff!

  • Steve Johnson
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Hi Steve,

Wow :smile:

I can say that CityDesk had not come up in any HyperDev discussions, but it has piqued the curiosity of a few people here at Fog Creek… We’ve been holding weekly internal hackathons and are looking to expand into larger, more organized events :circus_tent:

Perhaps there will be enough enthusiasm that a CityDesk clone will end up in HyperDev.

Thanks for the interest and the kind words :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Nathan! CityDesk is one of Joel Spolksy’s early FogCreek creations, with a small but rabidly loyal following. It was touted as a multi-user web content management system back when 200 MByte hard drives were the norm. My CityDesk licensed environment is now installed on AWS EC2, where I can securely share access to the authoring environment with other content creators.

The sites that I currently maintain in CityDesk have replaced hacked WordPress sites. Static content is generated on a different platform than that for content presentation, and is inherently more secure than dynamic PHP scripts. CityDesk’s ability to support (and generate) javascript through its internal scripting language provides all of the dynamic presentation required for the sites. The sites also link to e-commerce services.

I’m looking forward to HyperDev, Say Hi to Joel for me.

  • Steve
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It’s really awesome to hear that you’re still getting value from CityDesk!

The possibility of resurrecting a piece of Fog Creek lore was really what drove the enthusiasm around your suggestion, so thanks again for suggesting it :smiley: