Convert normal site to node site

I wrote a fun website for my friends to generate passwords, but now I want to implement Google Material Design into my site, and it looks like I need NPM to do this.
The problem arose because I started my site with just the website template, not the node.js one.

So how to I convert my normal website into a Node.js website on Glitch?

If you add a package.json to your project, Glitch will recognize it being a node.js application. You’ll need to specify the start script and the dependencies of your project in package.json, then write a backend to serve files, etc. I am assuming you’re familiar with node.js development :slight_smile:

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etamponi is right!

what i normally do, because this happens to me A LOT lol:

  1. open!/hello-express (our create new project option hello-express) in a new tab
  2. create new files in my app package.json and server.js and copy and paste the content of those files from hello-express into my app
  3. i rename my index.html file to views/index.html since that’s what the server.js index route is trying to send
  4. i rename any static files to be in a public folder - like style.css to public/style.css

This worked perfectly! Thank you!