Cookie is not being set in a particular page

I am created a website for my Discord bot and i need to store the state for the Discord oauth somewhere. I stored it in a cookie before i enabled Secure, httpOnly, sameSite on the cookie it worked fine. but now the cookie won’t show up on this particular page but when i go to the home page the cookie does show up.

Can you show us the code to make the cookie?

app.get("/app/authorize", (req, res) => {
    const State = ( + Math.floor(Math.random() * 100000000)).toString(
    res.cookie("AUTHENTICATION_STATE", State, {
      httpOnly: true,
      secure: true,
      sameSite: true
      DiscordEndpoints.authorize +
        "?client_id=614143167226183681&" +

Is anyone going to help? @RiversideRocks

I’m more of a Python developer than a JavaScript one but looking at this I would wager that your issue is with the sameSite attribute. SameSite is not a boolean cookie value, it typically is one of None, Strict, or Lax. I don’t know the context of this cookie so I can’t tell you which one is appropriate for your use case, but this article is a great resource in making that decision.

I changed it to “Lax” now the page won’t load anymore.

Edit: Nevermind i got an error saying that res.state() doesn’t exist

It was res.status but now Discord gave a redirect uri invalid error

The cookie appears to be working to me, I can’t speak to how Discord integration works, I don’t have any experience with their API.

After some rewinding found that a messed up the redirect uri. Now it works thanks!