Cool down for twitch bot triggered messages

hi, im trying to make a twitch bot but i have exactly no coding experience (yet, this is fun so far so i might start getting into it soon) so im kind of frankensteining it by remixing the basic twitch bot from the bot collection ( and adding lines of code from tutorials i found online. I managed to add a triggered response (?) so that if someone mentions any of a list of words in chat, the bot will send a response. Now i would very much like the bot to only react to these trigger words every so often and not every single time someone sends that word in chat. how do i do that? what is that called (so i can look for tutorials myself)? Anybody have a project that includes this that i could maybe copy from? sorry if this is a stupid question/weirdly worded, i really have no idea what im doing so any and all pointers and resources are very welcome!!

You should probably read Twitch’s API docs and/or node.js docs.

Also you should send us a bit of code to build off. :slight_smile:

oh ok i’ll look into those! i only had a quick look on twitch faqs and only found stuff on preexisting bots so i didnt look any further. i will read those tomorrow but in case anyone sees this while im asleep and would like to make things easy for me here’s what i got rn:
Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 23.56.25

what i would like is for the bot to respond when one of (bread/baguette/…) is mentioned for the first time, then ignore all mentions for a specified time, say 10 minutes, and after that react again and so on

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