Hello, Glitch Team,

I edited code on my Glitch project, and glitch automatically recorded these arrangements. When I refreshed the page, I saw the codes break down on their own. The rewind part doesn’t work. I need your help.

Project name: gbot-projects

Hello @SepulturA,

I’m sorry that your code changes did not get applied!

This mostly likely occurred because your project is reaching its CPU limit.

Before you can make additional changes to your code, you will need to reduce the processing your project requires.

If you have any questions, let us know!

Hello, @tasha ,

I was sure my project didn’t exceed the CPU. But due to these deteriorations in the code, the CPU has increased very interestingly. The code distortions have affected the CPU a lot and it doesn’t work in rewind. You’re saying I have to rewrite the codes. :frowning:

If you can’t rewind, I can try restoring your project to one of our available backups. However, I can’t guarantee that it will contain the code that you are looking for.

The earliest backup we have of your project is from 10:52 today (February 10, 2020).

If you would like us to restore your project to this backup, or a later time, let me know.

Note: If you want the oldest available backup, please do not edit your project further. This could push the oldest backup(s) we have for your project off our system, making them no longer available.*

Can’t. It’s very interesting that all the codes in my project just went and can you find a backup for me today (February 10, 2020) between 17:23 and 19:00 (GMT+03:00 Istanbul, Turkey)? Because there’s a copy of their first, but the codes that matter to me are in that time frame.

Thanks for your response!

Here are the backups that we have between 17:32 and 19:00 (Turkey Time)


Let me know which one of these you would like and I will restore the backup.

17:33 (Turkey Time) I want it restored.

Thanks for your response!

The backup from 17:33 is no longer available. (If you change anything in the project, it can push those older backups off of our system.)

The oldest available backup that I have now is from 17:57 Turkey time. Would you like me to restore to this version?

Hmm, Okay,

Yes, I would.

@tasha @glitch_support No answer was answered for two days. :frowning:


Thanks for your patience! This should be done now.

Unfortunately, can you check again that there was no action?

Hey @SepulturA,

We restored your project to the backup version. I’m sorry that did not help you recover what you are looking for. This is the most we can do to help you fix your project. If it is still not working the way you would expect, you may need to remix the app and start from there.