CORS error within Playcanvas connecting to Glitch server

I have been making a multiplayer experience on Playcanvas and it worked as expected. But for a couple of days I have been getting this error and I can’t seem to interact with the server do to a CORS error.

Sorry for the picture, but since I am new to the forum, the errors are read as hyperlinks and I can’t post more than two.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this issue?


May I please have a project name?

First, thank you for responding so quickly.

Here is the project name on glitch: playcanvas-booth

Thank you.

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Thanks. I will take a peek.

@GariantrollFCB It may be because Glitch is having issues right now.


This might be the issue because it seems that every now and then the app can talk to the server and execute something, but then shuts it down with the CORS errors.

Is there a forum for this issue so I may monitor?

Thanks you so much. I thought I was going insane for a second.

Alexis is the status page

It seems to be working again, so it is was most likely your fix that got it running again. Thanks!!


Hi, I’m assuming you already have set up CORS errors. In some cases the first person the joins your game will get issues connecting because the browser will recieve the loading screen which does not a have cors header present.