Could not find Node

Getting the error :

Could not find node null, using 10.

Please fix it. Project name : xenusbot.

Looks like the same problem as other people are having, solution here:

Summary: in packages.json, remove the “node” from dependencies, and put it into engine.

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Engine? Can u tell the steps?

Hey @GrudgeGamer29, welcome to the Glitch forum!

What you’re seeing here in Glitch telling you that you’re not telling us what version of Node you want to use. If you add the piece of json listed in the post that @mishavee linked to to your package.json file (making sure to add appropriate commas to keep your file valid) this message should go away.

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So I made it ->

"engine": {
"node": "^12.8.1"

The error is still there.

I don’t know if I’m right. I’m bad at JSON files. Will be highly grateful if you type out this bit for me so I can get rid of that error.

I think you’re missing an “s” - the provided code shows engines, not engine. That might resolve the issue for you!

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@cori Thanks! It fixed it. I’m glad that you guys helped me. :smile:

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My bad! :slight_smile: I have a habit of messing up things then learning from all the weird errors.

Thanks for the correction.

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