Could you all teach me the ropes of this forum please?

Sorry i’m asking this but i come from a completely changed forum…So i’m wondering what’s the fine line between ok and bannable(the guidelines are clear but vague,which is why i’m asking)i already know cussing isn’t allowed…but what is allowed?is it Off topic chat?or memes?Thank you for your guidance!(this will also help two of my friends @Kaito_and_Zahra and @yeetking-boss who come from the same forum)

Hello and welcome! I’ll do my best to interpret what is allowed and what isn’t based off of the forum rules and staff moderation in the past.

  • All posts should be on topic (for off topic chat you can always use private messages)
  • Be respectful to all members, no matter coding skill level

For more you should have a look at:
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The faq here and Snap is about as clear as Scratch’s idea of moderation sometimes

Do you have any other questions?

Um yes,concerning the answer of off topic chatting,Why is uncategorized not removed if we can just pm each other?and concerning my question about memes and images,whats Glitch’s policy on that

Uncatagorized is not for off topic chat, its just for posts that fall in between categories.


Okay that makes more sense,because in my other forums before it became super strict,Uncategorized was basically our equivalent of Private messaging…now it doesn’t exist there,nor can we private message,despite it being targeted towards teenagers like myself

I suppose you could say that.

Other than that can i ask for some little comparisons between these topics and their glitch equivalent
Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 9.38.36 AM
Sorry for the 2 minute wait between replies…its become habit for me since snap implemented a 2 minute delay

Help with Snap = #glitch-help
Tutorials = #tutorials
Share your projects = #the-gallery
Bug reports = No category, use email instead:
Feature requests = #feature-ideas

i thought feedback was for bugs

I suppose it can be, but I recommend that for urgent bugs you contact

okay! thanks

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I still other questions but i guess i’ll wait for others to answer…about the image policy,badges on here,how to go up trust levels…alot of questions

I’d be happy to answer!

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Ok!i think i should i ask you the Most important ones:How do you go up a trust level,and do the moderators ever talk to us directly like Mr.Harvey and his snap team?and by directly i mean on the topics

  • Trust levels info can be found on Discourse Meta

  • The staff don’t talk much on the forum, if you need staff assistance you can always reach out to

Um discourse for some reason is blocked for me despite the forums being unblocked

Maybe its blocked on your internet?

Yeah most likely but even on other ips its blocked…thats why i ask how we go up trust levels