Could you all teach me the ropes of this forum please?

I think you are all set. Just be sure to follow Glitch’s rules:

Some of the basic ones are:

  • No inappropriate projects
  • All users need to be >13
  • Don’t obfuscate code

…and you should be all set. Welcome to the community!

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Thanks!I’m 16 so i can keep using these forums!

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Hi Kumi, welcome!

You’ll notice from the categories and the url ( that this is a support forum. So I don’t see it that much as a place to hang out or for memes etc… although you will see some chatter between people from time-to-time.

I know the Glitch staff like community, but I’m sure they’d be equally happy for that socially-focused kind of community to happen on another site. As people come here looking for help with the Glitch platform and coding, it’s good if they don’t have to contend with a lot of noise on here :slight_smile:


Sorry its just a very natural habit to ask about memes and whatnot,but some of my questions were very important to me like the mods(if your one of them thanks for talking with me) communicate with us other than private messaging us like Snap team,who have made some very um(no offense to them if your their comrades)questionable choices in the past few months

No worries. I’m actually not a mod, I’m just old :slight_smile:

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Mods have a badge next to their name and will have a special title under their name in posts, like community manager and leader, or something like that - the main ones that are active are @jenn and @tasha (sorry for the pings)
Also, try not to ping users too much unless it’s necessary.

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I’m trying not to ping mods on glitch unless its an emergency or something big,but ill take your advice

:grin: I’m just so glad the community here isn’t toxic…which happened to scratch and i feel like is happening to snap :disappointed:


Once again, welcome to the community!


Thanks again!