Could you keep Ghost up to date?


So yeah, I’ve found Glitch about a month ago and found out you guys offer remixing of Ghost project,
which is very nice. I liked it, so I’ve remixed one instance.

I’ve seen, however, that’s pretty old version, and Ghost is continuously updating.
Isn’t there a way to keep up with the updates.

Having 1.21 when their development is already on 1.25 seems a bit oudated on your end.

So could you update our installations - or give some way to do it, and provide latest updates for future remixes.


Ghost has been updated to the latest version. You can update your existing project by updating the packages installed in the package.json file. If you already have data you’ll need to follow Ghost’s migration docs. Otherwise, run the following commands from the console for a fresh install:

  cd node_modules/ghost
  knex-migrator init
  mv content/data/ghost-dev.db ~/.data/ghost-local.db


Is it possible, maybe, to do something like this, from your side:


Not everybody wants their blog to auto-update though. Some have themes and plugins which rely on having a particular version of the software installed, which is why we leave it up to end-users to run their blog however they want. You could set up a similar system with a script that upgrades the ghost module to the latest version and runs a database update.


how do I update my ghost instance, since I created it as anonymous user?
is there a way?


Do you still have access to the app using your anonymous account? If so, you can register then you can share a join link with yourself if your app isn’t part of your account already.