Couldn't Load Static Files

I’m using glitch as my website hosting. I’m using express as server. I’m doing this:"/assets", express.static(join(process.cwd(), "assets")));, "node_modules", "mdb-ui-kit", "css")));, "node_modules", "mdb-ui-kit", "js")));

I’m trying to access with domain, it works as fine, the assets static is loaded as normally but when I’m using my custom domain (Using cloudflare as dns manager), I can access the “mdb-ui-kit” files but not with /assets. I don’t know what’s the point of this. I’m confused

Could you show us your project?

Glitch URL:
Custom Domain:

Well, its loaded now. I think its my browser cache. Sorry for bothering you guys, thanks!


No worries, glad you got it working.

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