COVID-related project with a lot of traffic from Reddit today... limit reached?

Don’t suppose there’s a way temporarily increase the traffic limit at all, definitely won’t be at this rate usually!? :\

The project is (custom domain of…

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Hello and welcome to the community, @lockdownchecker! :wave:
Your app is working well on Glitch so I assume it is a problem with your custom domain host seeing the error message. Could you please check your domain host’s dashboard? If you do not see any error with your host, then could you please check your Glitch URL? Thank you.

Another factor which is supporting my assumption is that Glitch is not taking me to the custom domain.

Great project!

Never mind. I am now getting “This project has received too many requests, please try again later.”

Thanks for taking a look though!

The Reddit Hug of Death…

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Works fine for me

This is really weird, I am getting a 403 forbidden. It looks like a cPanel error.

@lockdownchecker Even on the custom domain, the site is working fine for me

I even set my VPN to the UK, still no luck.

I also saw another CPanel error with the logo - different status code before I saw it as fixed. Why use CPanel? Just use DNS.

Some hosts use cPanel.

Why go through a host. Just change the nameservers and go with cloudflare. No need to use the domain registrar’s system. Sign up:

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This web page is also really old. The code starts with this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">

CPanel is old, fullstop.

Plesk is a bit more updated from my knowledge

I like DirectAdmin, but people say it’s too simple ( uses it)

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I’m getting the following,

Looks like a hosting issue but your DNS should be pointing directly at glitch, there’s really no reason for this to happen. It works on the glitch project but the direct domain seems to be down. If you need any help/alternative hosting dm me on glitch/on discord (AnishDoesDev#0909) and I can help you out.

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Hey, it is back on the Glitch link now! But sadly the custom domain link is not working. :cry:

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