Covid's World - Yakko meets Corona data

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A “fun” visualisation of the Covid19 livedata (updates daily).
Inspired by Yakkos World & YT vids of it with corona data (like this one)…

(Yakko Warner is a Cartoon Character of the animated series Animaniacs and in the second Episode they call out “all the countries” in the world as seen in the base video. Some data is missing). Some data of that is outdated, but i tried to map everything to be in relation with the data provided by the original show video.

Took me way longer than it should have, but was more easy due to precompiled data.

I just had to finish this idea i’m sorry ._.


That was cool :smiley: i liked that!

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I’m going to share this with my friend’s this is very well done

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thanks, it was may too much work to do though. glad the timings were almost kinda mapped. i still had to check them all and fix a bit for the application to work. i never worked with data like this before and it took me over a week to finish, but it was hell of fun to make too. i also wanted all countries to have colors and this was a lot of work too xD

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wow this is truly chaotic, i love it!


United states, canada, mexico, panama

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A way to keep kids sharp in math during quarintine