Crashes using VS Code extension

I used the VS code extension for a few hours today. Overall it was great, allowing me to bypass some of the bugs in the web editor that I’ve previously reported but haven’t seen fixed. (1, 2, 3)

The only real issue I ran into is that it would crash pretty often, probably every 15 minutes. It seemed to always occur while I was typing. (Thankfully, the auto-saving worked well, and I never lost any work!) I would get an error from VS Code saying something like “This window has crashed. Would you like to reload?”

If there is an easy way to upload crash reports, let me know. Otherwise, I expect others will run in to this, and hopefully I can get updated on any progress solving it via this thread.

Hey @domenic that’s really great - thanks for trying it out! We’re glad to hear that you’re liking it for the most part and sorry to hear about the crashes!

One thing you could do for us would be to use the Command Palette command Developer: Open Logs Folder and zip up the contents. You can email that to us at and we’ll make sure it gets to the right folks. If emailing’s not sufficient let us know and we can find another way to get it to us.

We’ll only use that data (which will include data about your entier VS Code environment, not just the Glitch extension) to troubleshoot issues with the extension. That may also help us determine whether another extension may be causing problems - we’ve seen a few problems with other extensions, although nothing that matches this description to my knowledge.

Thanks again!

Done! It looks like there are renderer process crashes although not ones obviously caused by Glitch. Maybe a VS Code bug :-/.

Thanks, @domenic, I’ll make sure those files make it to the right folks!

Hmm, never seen this before, might or might not be related, I just went to Firefox for a sec and it started flashing in the taskbar

I just noticed “Having problems connecting with Glitch” in the status bar.
Then it crashed again

Hey @Excigma sorry for the bother! Can you confirm what OS and version of VS Code you’re on? I’m assuming some variety of Windows. The log files I mentioned above might be useful too.