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Note, this is still in beta so it may look a little bit shabby.
You can now create your own landing page in seconds with BuildAHomePage, built in PHP!

More themes are coming soon, so sorry if it looks a bit clunky right now.


Very cool app, you could add nice features like,

  • Optional font selection. Check out Google Fonts, they look very good however don’t use too much because they slow down the loading speed of your page
  • Make the text move with the scroll
    I’m curious to what happens if you also enable reversing the video after it’s done and loop it.

Also the look and feel is very relaxing


Nice project! Keep up the good work.

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Great project. Might use it for my discord bot site!!

great! perhaps you could make a feature that tells you how to source it in your glitch project?


I’ll be sure to add the Glitch button later, thanks for the reminder!


i like the idea but you should scale it so you cant scroll up and down and get rid of the grey font imo

v2 has just been released! Go check it out!

We added two new themes (city and mountain).


It looks amazing, @RiversideRocks!

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Am I allowed to remix and use some source code for my project?

Sure! Just be sure to check the license we have. (MIT)

Thank you very much, @RiversideRocks.

What if you added a few HTML themes to it? Would that be possible?

I originally made the theme in html and just converted it to php. I think you could!

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Wow! I think I will add a few more to my remixed version, including a gradient colour background and more!

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