Create Audio Reactive Shaders with Three.js and Shader Park | Tutorial Hosted Through Glitch


We just released a new written tutorial + video on creating audio reactive shaders with Three.js and Shader Park with codrops:

Our core examples for Shader Park are hosted through Glitch. Thought you all might enjoy.



Wait @tblankensmith - this is SO cool! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to play around with this on my own :cyclone:


As someone who has seen audio visualizations like butterchurn (milkdrop ported to browser), I’m glad someone has created a tutorial on how to achieve similar effects with just javascript.

Have you considered perhaps embedding the final site or the glitch editor (which splitscreens with a preview window by default) on the blog, that would be a bit intresting since past the youtube video most of the visuals are just images.

Really interesting article!

Great idea!