Creating a file named 'views' leads to "Hmm.. We're having trouble connecting. Try refreshing?"

This is a small repro of a bug in the Glitch editor.

  1. Create a file named views.
  2. Create a file named views/test.html.
  3. Try to edit views/test.html, and you’ll end up with an error reading: “Hmm… We’re having trouble connecting. Try Refreshing”, as seen in this screenshot.

I did step 1. because I really wanted a directory named views, and I forgot that Glitch would auto-create directories. So I accidentally created a file instead.

(These details are also at!/lively-attic?, which is a project that experienced the bug. Feel free to check that server’s logs.)

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the slow response. It’s a known issue with our current file system. We’re considering other options but there’s a number of pros/cons to weigh. We hope we can fix this up soon.