Creating a VOIP service on glitch?

Is this possible? To create a VOIP service on glitch, similar to discord. Including not leaking ips in between clients. Or is this technology not possible for glitch?

If this is not possible for glitch is there any free alternatives I can use for creating a VOIP service?

you can use glitch to host a webRTC client, where you can communicate by video or voice-only

data is transferred by ICE servers (Interactive Connectivity Establishment), and there are some projects on glitch you can use


Ah, I see, is there anything I need to know about WebRTC in the past I heard about “WebRTC leakage”. whats that and do I need to do anything to prevent it?

A WebRTC leak is when your external (public) IP address is exposed via your browser’s WebRTC functionality. This leak can de-anonymize you via WebRTC APIs, even if your VPN is working correctly.
If you have not protected yourself against WebRTC leaks in your browser, any website you visit could obtain your real (ISP-assigned) IP address through WebRTC STUN requests. This is a serious problem.

There is a chrome extension for preventing leaks but the problem lies with your browser