Creating a Wiki in Glitch

Has anyone tried importing/remaking developing the MediaWiki platform in Glitch?

MediaWiki is created in PHP, it is possible to port that to Glitch.

You need to install php and your choice of web server, mysql (i think) and perhaps a few other things.

Once you get them onto your container you’ll be able to create a mediawiki site.

However I recommend you try something like:

Amazing recommendation @ihack2712, thank you so much.

No problem, if you aren’t happy with I am happy to look into implementation of mediawiki to Glitch.

If you need an HTML wiki template, DM me and I can provide one.

I will attempt to install media wiki and let everyone know how it goes

Update: So it was a struggle to extract it so I put it in /tmp and threw out every other language. I got through most of the installation but at the last moment I ran out of disk space. Getting rid the MySQL included didn’t help either :frowning:
I suppose you could configure it locally and install mediawiki to /tmp but set the data directory in your custom install to /app/.data.
Update: Ouf I forgot the password I used to register.

UPDATE: I did it, I threw out the .data directory created by MySQL and got a installation that used like 130mb of space. I’ll be writing a post about it soon.

Have you successfully set up wiki.js on Glitch?

I’m still working on that :slight_smile:

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No, although I could probably take a look at it.

I tried wiki.js but it seems to big for a non-boosted app.

I successfully managed to create a wiki.js! I am working on a tutorial!

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Just gonna bump this here:

@travisamiel @RiversideRocks

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Thank you! I’ve tried Wiki.js on glitch but it didnt work. Hope this works :slight_smile:

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Amazing one liner :slight_smile:

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Thanks :smiley: Easier than copy/pasting multiple commands :wink:

For anyone whom have tried my nice one-liner!

I forgot to add a command to create the .data directory! If you have tried to create a wiki you should delete all files and directories in the app folder (except for node_modules and .node_gyp). And refresh my page and copy the new command!

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