Creating accounts for school users


Hey there, im pretty new to Glitch so am just wondering what the easiest way is to create an account for my school users.

I have only created an account for myself at the moment and am thinking is it just easier if i create a class account and then each individual user logs in using that ‘class account’. Then could they just remix my projects which i can make for them. They are only primary school users so quite young but need to get them using HTML.



Hi @darrellwilde, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Using a single shared account can work, although if you’re using your email address to log in and depending on how many computers need to sign in you can run into problems with Glitch’s email rate-limiting. One way other educators have gotten around this is to use “plus-tagging” with email addresses (where emails addresses to “” end up in the inbox for “”), if your email provider supports this.

That allows your students to have unique accounts (or at least to share them in smaller groups) and means that each tagged email address is unique and is less likely to run afoul of our rate limit.

Happy to discuss further if you have additional questions!


Would this be the same if i signed in using a single Google account instead of email? Or would that work fine?


Hey @darrellwilde there’s no rate-limiting involved with signing in via Google, so using that sign-in mechanism will avoid that risk.