Critical words in random ID's

I’m working on a program that needs ids for quizzes, games and groups. To avoid critical words in this random id’s, i need a list of them to filter this words out. But in glitchs Terms of Service 5c2 and 5c5 such content is disallowed. I’m not sure if i’m allowed to create a list of them. Can i do it or is there a API to get a list?

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Hi @Johannes_Hartel and welcome!

If you are generating your random IDs from a list of words (a corpus) that you yourself control, could you just make sure that your source data doesn’t contain any critical/offensive terms to start with?

I have a corpus here of 354984 english words:

Some of them seem a bit nonsensical, like those beginning with a symbol. But you can easily filter and remove these.

I have searched the list and I don’t think it contains any bad words.

So you can use this corpus or perhaps make your own (in whatever language you are using) that doesn’t contain bad words.

Good luck!

Glitch has provided the word list they use to generate default project names:

If you don’t mind switching your id generator nanoid-good was built just for this purpose

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that depends on a package called ‘naughty-words,’ which you would then be back to wondering if it’s in violation of those items in the ToS


Thanks, that’s what i searched for :slight_smile: