Cron job returns error 403 forbidden

Hi, I purchased the boosted option so my app is kept awake. I tried using corn job from to invoke a get request every 12am, however, it doesn’t work and returns an error 403. What is wrong?

Pinging your projects is against the rules, so Glitch might think you are pinging your project.

Is there any work around to invoke my get request periodically then?

If you are using Node.js then you can try this package: After all, you are using a boosted app, so it should run correctly and on time. Also, it support custom timezones.


var CronJob = require('cron').CronJob;
var job = new CronJob('* * * * * *', function() {
  console.log('You will see this message every second');
}, null, true, 'America/Los_Angeles');