CrowdCards: A TCG where *everyone* makes the cards

Project URL: (DEVELOPMENT WARNING! Stuff may break. Site is unfinished, report bugs.)

Have you ever imagined making a card for your favorite card game? Maybe you wanted to make your own. Or maybe you just want to see what a huge community could think up.

CrowdCards is the place for you if you ever thought of that stuff. On CrowdCards, you can make a trading card and upload it to a global database where people can rank it. If it gets ranked high enough it’ll be sent to me, and if I approve? Your card becomes official, and people can buy the card to use in the TCG! (At some point I do intend to make it possible to get 10% of the money from cards you make being bought, but I refuse to touch Stripe until the very last minute I have to do it. Purchase integrations were painful enough.)

Right now I’m still working on CrowdCards. The ranking feature isn’t done yet, a lot of stuff needs to be made (Card royalties, settings, viewing card status, profiles… etc), so don’t expect it’ll stay the way it is. Have fun making cards!

(Quick note: Cards created in the development version persist to full release.)
(Please read the TOS on the site!! Seriously! Some important information can be found on it!)

(FYI: Once cards can become verified, using the Stripe test mode card to purchase cards is alright- card ownership will be wiped once the full release occurs. How would I stop you anyway?)


Wow, cool!
BTW, it seems like the navbar isn’t responsive on mobile :sweat_smile:

CrowdCards is intended to be a desktop experience, not mobile. Soz :frowning:

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Oops! Anyway seems really cool!

that sounds fun, what’s the general flow of the game? how will these community created cards fit into the gameplay?

The basic flow of the game is “you/others make and get cards, you play using the ruleset (which I am writing up)”
It’s like Pokemon, but you make the cards basically.

The community created cards are the gameplay. I only make the Mythic tier cards (top tier event cards for when I feel like it).

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i purchased Glitch Pro while trying to convert CrowdCards to Svelte

oh yeah the update log.

CrowdCards Frontend v0.2: The Svelte update
CrowdCards is now coded in Svelte. (It’s also coded in React on but that’s not going to get updated)

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Works really well, mobile is also nice, but I get this error when voting to a card:

Something went wrong upvoting the card! The error message was 002-0001.

You have to log in first, LOL. I’ll be adding a check for that soon.

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It’s me! Wondering where I’ve been? Probably. I come with updates though!

Crowdcards Frontend Beta 2 // Yes I switched the versioning scheme. Deal with it.

  • The site now supports Webauthn (Just use the new “Use Passwordless Auth” button or have your browser autofill the credential if your browser supports Conditional UI)!

    • Open Settings (new button) to add your authenticator. You can only have one at a time- I’m hard at work letting you add multiple and remove existing ones. :slight_smile:
    • There’s also a log-out button in Settings for you to log out. Maybe to test new features?
    • No I am not upstreaming Webauthn support to Zarran API. That code is a MESS, and until I refactor it and make it smooth I’m going to keep it on this project only.

    • CrowdCards now works offline, even allowing you to view cards offline (As long as you viewed them prior) thanks to Workbox, request caching, and much more!
    • Oh, and site loads are faster, loading is nigh-instant after first load, yada yada. After an update you might deal with a reload, that’s just Workbox autoloading the new files :sparkles:
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CrowdCards Frontend Beta 2.1 // It’s Deno time!

  • The production version of the site is now hosted on, the devel version (on Glitch, NO PWA) is on (Now using Glitch’s new custom domain feature!)

    • You can still go to the URL but I wanted to make it simpler to refer people to the devel and prod builds of the site.
    • Production is hosted on the edge with Deno Deploy
  • Work on Profiles has begun. You should be able to see some of the work on prod, but that’s because I was too lazy to remove that code from prod builds

CrowdCards Frontend Beta 2.2 // Holy shit, 2.2???

  • Work has begun on the game! To accomodate for it the upload process will become way harder (You have to set up particle effects and an entire .json file [I am working on an editor to make one inside of CrowdCards])

    • While we’re here, I’m working on the shop feature.
    • The shop will sell lower rarity cards at a discount, Epic and Legendary cards (These rarities cannot be directly purchased except through the shop), and (during events) Mythic rarity cards. Mythic cards are the strongest cards in the game, with the highest quality possible.
      • The shop will also sell RandoBoxes of Common, Uncommon, and Rare cards. RandoBoxes are cheaper, but they are not the intended way to get cards! RandoBoxes serve was a way to try out the awesome community-made cards without going through the list and choosing favorites- try the random ones and you might find a good combo.
  • Profiles are around ~20% done at this point.

  • On the status of Beta 3, a lot needs to be done.

Implement individual cards fully (MAJOR BLOCKER, needs to be completed before finishing anything afterwards [Profiles will be worked on in tangent])

Finish Profiles

Implement card .json files and deprecate direct SVG imports
Open up Godot 4 and create a project

Main Menu (Logging in, getting the latest cards from the server, battles, and a friending system)
Battles (Choosing cards, licensing music, using particle data from the card’s .json)
Campaign (Actually making a good quest and story-line)

Make some default starter cards so people can actually collect cards

On the subject of the game: No, I am not pulling a triple-A game here. All platforms Godot can compile to (Web, Linux, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, that Risc-V processor in your basement) will have a build. :slight_smile:

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