CrowdCards: Redrawn

Remember CrowdCards: A TCG where *everyone* makes the cards (old CrowdCards)? Yeah so I took a look at it with about a year of TS knowledge now and said “I can do better than that”.

Introducing: CrowdCards: Redrawn! A full rewrite of CrowdCards’ client, server, assets, and everything inbetween.

I’m posting this on Glitch despite me mostly using Deno for the hosting because CrowdCards was originally on Glitch, and I probably will be doing code testing on Glitch if I can’t access VSCode.

I’ll post a link of the barebones client as soon as I can get Deno Deploy set up and serving the site (and I have a client to show, lel). Expect a bit more polish now that I know how to use Svelte properly.

Yes I am the original developer (just lost my glitch forum acct)