CS1 IDE Project Update

This post is to showcase a project called CS1 IDE. It is for teachers and students to learn fundamentals of computer science.

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Hey there,
Good job, indeed! However, did you know? This is the wrong category for show-casing projects as such yours. It is ‘Gallery,’ where you can show-case your project.

Hey @cori,
Can you please move this to the ‘Gallery’ category? Thanks and cheers.

Thanks for the kind comment. However, this post is purposely “uncategorized” because it is not being posted as a showcase of my project work but as a “tool” for others to use in building projects of their own.:thinking:

Perhaps, more users will be able to utilize this project in Gallery.
Also, it is still considered advertisements/showcase if you are showing or demonstrating your project.

Hey @SirFizX I get your point here for sure; thanks for being thoughtful about it! That said, personally I’d prefer not to have uncategorized posts and would rather to move this to The Gallery, if that’s ok with you.

Perhaps we need to update the description there to make clear that it’s for showing off anything useful or cool?

I’m totally cool with moving it to the Gallery. I would like to perhaps see something like an educator tools category added in the future. I just got back from the RiSE STEM+C Conference at the University of Maine where I learned many cool things. I also shared my love for Glitch with many of the conference participants. Thank you for the helpful platform which my students are using to enhance their learning and creativity.


After receiving some community questions regarding the very new Python interface for the CS1 Game Engine and its integration into the CS1 IDE, I have decided to make a video detailing more of what is going on and what is possible. Please reach out for further clarification.

CS1 IDE Python Interface Description