CSS Grid is not supported?

So I have this piece of CSS in my project

and as you see, CSS grid values are not supported or something because I keep getting those red errors.

I really appreciate your efforts on glitch.com but please fix this problem :smiley:

It’s just a warning from the linter - if the CSS is valid, it will still work in your project. We’ll be updating our linting soon.

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I encountered this today while collaborating on Glitch with a student. I feel like it undermined the student’s confidence in using some newish CSS features. Any news on a linting update?

By the way, it also rejected CSS variables.

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Yeah some features are not yet linted properly i guess

Hello @buoyantair

@Gareth actually responded to that 11th of May in my Twitter post. Lol.

Hey folks I’ve moved this to a Feature Idea so we can track it a little more easily.


I think the editor should support it, right? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/grid-gap

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Related - fr units also raise errors in the editor

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@flaviocopes, I would suggest auto close javascript special characters, example: if I type { is should automatically enter the close curly bracket } and replace the user in between those brackets.
It is supported by tons of editors which I really like about them. (unfortunately not Glitch)

@flaviocopes I’ve also merged your feedback with another post because I think they cover the same features; please let me know if you disagree.