CSS is freezing the browser


Project: curly-smoke

the style.css - whenever we go to it is causing the browser to freeze and we are unable to modify it.

to be able to allow the student to keep working we created a newstyle.css and are using that in the index.html but we hate to lose all the work we did and would like to get this fixed
also if we just go to the site to view it from another machine (https://curly-smoke.glitch.me/) we can see the right-side menu which we don’t on other sites we’ve done.


Sorry for the problems - the editor is choking on some malformed CSS. It looks like newstyle.css has all of the content of style.css, so there’s no work to lose. I suggest removing that file from the console (available in the Logs panel). Run rm style.css.

I can’t see the right-side menu in your app, did you resolve that? Glitch doesn’t render CSS any differently so it’s likely a problem in the HTML/CSS itself.


Thank you!

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